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                                           In the News - 1935 

Here are a few Hopedale stories from the Milford Daily News, 1935. They, as much as the big stories of the era, show that it was a very different time from 2006. It's been a long time since trains carried 10,000 tons of pig iron into Hopedale, a capacity crowd filled the Town Hall to see a play, or members of a club met in living rooms to discuss international affairs. Read on to see what was going on in Hopedale way back then.

Firemen to Protect Hopedale All Night
   July 3 - Members of the
fire department will remain at the station on all-night duty tonight. There will also be special police officers on patrol throughout the town. Following the usual custom, a clam chowder supper will be served at the fire station at midnight and police officers, on duty, will be guests. In addition to the chowder, the menu will consist of doughnuts, cheese and coffee. 

                                                       Quiet Fourth in Hopedale
   July 5 - The night before the Fourth was made realistic with plenty of powder from giant crackers and there was a bonfire in the
Hill Street section, which ignited some grass, for which the fire department was called out. Otherwise it was a quiet holiday. Several families had joint fireworks displays last night, among them being the Warren W. Dutchers and Irvin G. Ammen. 

Boys are Carried to Health Camp
   July 6 - Transportation was furnished Friday by the Community Service department of the Woman's Club, to the four local boys and one Mendon boy, who are receiving a month's vacation at Sterling Health camp. The boys were accompanied by a nurse and the cars used were those of Mrs. Frank J. Dutcher and Mrs. Aubrey C. Lewis. The nine pairs of pajamas, made by the members of the Ladies' Aid of Union Church, have been sent to the camp by Mrs. J. Newton Nutter, Seal chairman. 

Water Exhibition At Hopedale Goes Over With Splash
   August 15 - One hundred and sixty-four children participated in the annual swimming exhibition and contest at the Hopedale bathhouse yesterday. The events climaxed the busiest season the bathing beach has ever had. F. Carlton Miner was in charge of the program and everything went over smoothly. The beach and banks of the pond were thronged with spectators.  

Draper Corp. Gives Biggest Pig Iron Order for Year
   September 17 - The
Draper Corp. last week made one of the biggest purchases of pig iron in recent years when it bought between 5,000 and 10,000 tons. It was said no particular increase in business prompted the investment in pig iron but that the officials of the corporation considered the present time offered an inducement for the buy. 
To Flag Train at Hopedale Crossing
   November 21 -
Trains crossing Mendon Street near Patrick's Corner in Hopedale, will come to a stop when approaching the roadway and the crew will flag motorists while crossing, according to a communication sent to Sen. P. Eugene Casey.  

"Skidding" Is Big Success
   November 27 - "Skidding," a three-act comedy presented by the Community Players in
Town Hall last night, was well received by a capacity audience. Replete with wholesome comedy and a bit of the dramatic for balance, the lines were cleverly handled by the characters. Miss Farrington, as the mother and Mortimer Dennett as father, turned in some excellent bits of acting. The leads were taken by Miss Scott and Mr. Snodgrass, who proved capable. Eben Lapworth, as the son and heir, provided plenty of comedy by his natural characteristics. 

Roundabout Club
   December 2 - The Roundabout Club will meet tonight at the home of Principal and Mrs. Winburn A. Dennett. The topic will be the Italo-Ethiopian Situation, papers dealing with the response of the various European  nations being presented as follows: Britain, G. Howard Sears, France, Mrs. Carroll H. Drown, Germany, Shirley E. Holmes.

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