New section of wall at Town Park. Where did the rocks for the rest of it go?

   Here they are - in the Parklands, waiting to return to the park.

   Ducks in a row - Hopedale Pond - September 16

Hopedale Pond

   Beech Street - September 18 - A "White City style house" is being enlarged.

   Drapers, September 16

The renovation project at the Little Red Shop has begun. Click on the picture for more.

   The Canada goose population on Hopedale Pond has decreased this month. Perhaps they were chased off by the pink flamingo invasion.

   Day in the Park - September 15. Click on picture for more.

   The field of flags at the Unitarian Church has been set up to honor the more than 4,100 American servicemen and women who have died in Afghanistan and Iraq. It was first on display at St. Andrews Episcopal Church in North Grafton, and then went to the First United Methodist Church in Marlboro. Photo by Kathi Wright. 
More on this at the Unitarian Church website.

   Reading the names - Saturday, September 22.

Hopedale in September 2007

  Hopedale in
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