The moon, Venus and Jupiter - December 1.

   Meanwhile, back on earth, this view of the back side of Drapers was taken from behind the library on December 1. A month ago the area in the foreground was covered with trees. It has since been cleared by employees of the Grafton & Upton Railroad.

   Rich Breese puts finishing touches on the cupola at the intersection of Adin and Mendon streets - December 2. Click on the picture for more about the cupola.

   After months of showing the gas prices at Cumberland Farm, I thought it was time for a change of scene. Here's Hopedale Mart at the intersection of Hartford Avenue and Route 140. Same price as at CF.

   Water on its way to Naragansett Bay as the Mill Street bridge project continues - December 2. Click on the picture for more.

   December 3 at the Mill Street bridge. A big change from the day before.

   Dan Anderson (driving forklift) of Hopedale Power Equipment on Route 140 shown as he's about to load a snow blower onto a pickup for a customer - December 3.

   A new bench being installed by the highway department between the town hall and the post office - December 4.

   Work has begun on replacing
the Travis-Sawyer house, Hopedale Street, that was destroyed in a fire last December.

   Some of the ornamental work is being removed from the front of the Draper plant. According to Vinnie, the guy who was working there when I stopped for a picture, it will be put back in the spring. Meanwhile, they'd rather not have it fall on anyone's head.

   And back to Mill Street again. This is how it looked on December 4.

   Bancroft Library - open Saturdays, 10 to 2.

   Hopedale Pond - December 9. I included this one to help you people who are looking at this from warmer climates feel good about not being here.

   Mill River - December 12 -
Click here for flood pictures.

   Here are some Hopedale Little League players working at one of the many fund raisers it takes to send the twelve year olds on their annual trip to Cooperstown. The adults went into hiding while the picture was taken. - December 13.

   Draper plant - December 14.

   That's what it's said for the last few days. Did somebody steal all their nines?

   Inman Street, near World Headquarters (no bailout needed - yet) on December 17.

   The Community House - December 20. About nine inches of snow fell the day before.

   Raspberry canes and wattle fence - December 20. We had another five inches the next day; the first day of winter. The good news is, the days are getting longer now.

   Adin Street - December 22.

Hopedale in December 2008
With all the rain and flooding we've had this month, I decided to use my camera for video for the first time, and put it on YouTube. Some, particularly Blackstone Gorge and Woonsocket were done at low resolution and are quite grainy. I'll use the 640 x 480 in the future.

   The Mill Street pictures will give you an idea of why the opening of the bridge will be delayed.          

Flood at Mill Street bridge - December 12, 13, 15 - YouTube - 3:30.
Still a lot of water - December 13 - 18 seconds.
Flood at Blackstone Gorge - December 13 - YouTube - 33 seconds.
High water in Woonsocket, Blackstone River near Ye Olde English Fish and Chips - December 13 - 22 seconds.
Mill Street bridge - December 15 - YouTube 1:14
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