The Mill Street bridge on May 4. It's expected to be closed for about two weeks for paving and other work.

   Town park - May 4.

   Turtles on a tire near Lake Street - May 6.

   May 6 - The month began with colorful trees and gray skies.
Click here to see pictures of the planting of the trees along Dutcher Street in 1981.

   Lake Street - May 8.

   The Mill Street bridge at 3 PM on Saturday, May 9. According to workers there, at least one lane will be open during the completion of the project. I've heard from others that they expect it to be closed from time to time during the work.

   This airboat was cruising around Hopedale Pond on the afternoon of May 12, preparing to do weed control work.

   Hopedale Pond - May 13

   New house - Greene Street.

   Family picnic by the pond - May 16.

   Garden in the pond - May 19.

   This is Mrs. Rossi's third grade class from Memorial School. They've been studying Hopedale history. On the 21st, Jeanne Kinney gave them a tour of her house, which is perhaps better known as the Adin and Lucy Ballou house, and I gave them a tour of the Little Red Shop.

   Here's a small part of the crowd that watched the Hopedale-Milford game on the 22nd. Milford won, 13 - 5.

   Memorial Day at Hopedale Village Cemetery. Click on the picture for more.

   Hopedale High graduation at the Community House - May 30. Click on the picture for a few more photos.

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