Hopedale Street between Freedom and Dutcher was crowded for much of the day on October 4 with people attending the Oktoberfest and grand opening of the Little Red Shop Museum. Click on the picture for more photos of the event.

   On October 7 this exchange group from Spain, spending three weeks at Milford High School, became the first visitors to the Little Red Shop Museum after the grand opening.

   Hopedale High seniors gather by Hopedale Pond for a class picture - October 8.

   The Parklands near the Rustic Bridge - October 10.

   Hopedale Pond from the Rustic Bridge - October 10.

   The Henry Patrick water trough on Hopedale Street. Click on the picture if you'd like to know more about Henry.

   This appears to be a road (or future road, I suppose) going from Route 16 into the West Foundry area. Evidently it's part of the G&U Railroad project.

   The Parklands - October 11. Click on the picture for more.

   The new dam at Spindleville.

   Dr. Dave....what was his last name? Well, anyway, Dr. Dave will cure whatever ails you, in an eighteenth century sort of way. He was at the library on the 14th in a program sponsored by the Friends of the Library.

   Hopedale Pond on October 16.

   October 16.

   Inman Street - A bit of snow on October 18. Thanks for the picture, DJ.

   And more snow on the same day.

   Looking under the Rustic Bridge - October 20. Click on the picture for more.

   Jeff Bocchio (hope I came fairly close with the spelling) has been working on General Draper in Milford recently, doing some much needed work - October 23.

   Click on the picture above for more about the statue

   Wedding by the pond - October 23.

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                                Hopedale in October 2009

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