Ready for the season on Lower Jones Road.

   Supervising the construction of the walkway to the cupola near the intersection of Adin and Mendon streets was Eric Brown's Eagle Scout project. Repairing the cupola and getting it moved to this location was Kevin Keating's Eagle project in 2008. Click on the picture for more about the cupola and Kevin's project.

   The lowest spot in Hopedale, where the
Mill River reaches Hartford Avenue.

   A little snow fell on the night of December 5 - 6.

   The Parklands, near the Lookout, December 6.

The Lookout, December 6.

   Hopedale Pond with a skim of ice - December 8. We had about six inches of snow, starting early in the morning of the 9th, followed by rain that began before noon..

   Drapers at Freedom Street - December 15.

   Adin Street

   Mendon Street - December 15. Click on the picture for more on the Eben Draper estate and the Arone school.

   December 18

We had about 14 inches of snow on the night of December 19 - 20. Yes, I know, yet another picture from Inman Street, but I don't expect to travel far from Daninhopedale World Headquaters today.

   The Dutcher Street School, now known as the Uncommon Place condos. Uncommon Place??? Couldn't they have come up with a better name than that?

   The Community House - December 21.

   187 Dutcher Street - December 23. The sign on the left side of the lower picture marks the Hopedale Historic District.

   Freedom Street 

Hopedale in December 2009

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Mill River  

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George Otis Draper  

Hopedale in December 2008  

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