Hopedale Pond - January 1

   Click on the picture for more about the building that was once known as General Draper High School.

   Hopedale Pond on January 3. Click on the picture to see a few seconds of the game on YouTube.

   Mandy and Winkie, shown above, reside at Daninhopedale World Headquarters. They're both from the
Purr-fect Cat Shelter in Medway.

   The Rustic Bridge, January 4. I walk in the Parklands so you don't have to. Click on the picture for more.

   Hopedale Village Cemetery - January 10.

   January 10

   H1N1 flu clinic at the high school - January 11.

   Unitarian Church

   Thomas Isabelle working on his 1985 Bronco.

   Hopedale Airport runway, looking south. Click on the picture to see a website (FltPlan.com) with lots of info on the airport.

   Ice fishermen on Hopedale Pond - January 16. If this was in color, you'd see that Daisy Dog is carrying orange soda in her mouth.

   Five-corner intersection - Freedom, Williams, Jones, Northrop - January 28.

   Freedom Street, January 28. Originally the Roper house, now the Thomson house. Click on the picture for more on Charles Roper.

Wolf moon rising - January 29.

   This month started with pictures of hockey on the pond and ends with another - December 31.

           Hopedale in January 2010

Why all the black and white? I just thought I'd make the bleak month of January a little bleaker. Back to color next month.

Hopedale in January 2009  

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