Draper Gym

   Dog and man in the Parklands.

   Tree work - Williams Street - February 3.

   Mendon Street - February 4

   Looking north from Mendon Street toward Draper foundry/G&U/Wickes Lumber area

   Water tower - February 4

   The Mill River, just south of the Thwing Street bridge.

   The remains of what was likely
Almon Thwing's mill can be seen in the middle of this picture, taken near the photo above. There is also evidence in the area of the dam for the millpond.

   There was a little snow coming down as this picture was taken, with a foot predicted during the day - February 10. By the next morning about two inches had fallen.

   Below the Hopedale Pond dam at Freedom street - February 13.

   February 13, Soward Street. It was a nice day for a walk, but probably not as nice on a rooftop.

   A few inches of wet snow fell on February 16.

   For a little change of scenery, here's Milford, as seen from the fourth floor of Milford Hospital - February 18.

   Girl Scouts visit Dr. Janko's office - February 19.
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   Sunday, February 21- A nice day for a walk in the Parklands.

   Drapers - Freedom Street

   Site of new water department facility, off of Hopedale Street, between Thwing and Greene.

   The Mill River between the Draper parking lots - February 26.

Hopedale in February 2010

February 2009  

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Extending the G&U Railroad, 1889

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Patrick's Store by Lee Stearns   

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