This house on Hopedale Street was originally the home of Joseph and Sylvia Thwing Bancroft.   
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   In 1898, Joseph Bancroft built the Bancroft Memorial Library and gave it to the town. It was named in memory of Sylvia, who died that year.     
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   The house on the corner of Peace and Hopedale streets was once the home of Lilla Bancroft Bracken Pratt, daughter of Joseph and Sylvia Bancroft.

  The house across the street from the library was the home of Lura Bancroft Day and her husband, Charles. Lura was a daughter of Joseph and Sylvia Bancroft. The original home on this site belonged to Lura's uncle,
Almon Thwing. It was moved and is now on Union Street.

   Hopedale Pond - March 2.

   Swan - March 2. No mate in sight yet.

   Bancroft Park - March 3 Click on the picture to see Now and Then at Bancroft Park.

   Spindleville Pond - March 5.

   Spring is here! Not on the calendar yet, though.

   Hopedale Pond- March 8. The ice won't last much longer. The earliest it has gone in the past was March 14 (1921 and 1953).March 14 was the date it was gone again this year.  
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   The Mill River near FitzGerald Drive and the parking lots, March 15, following several days of heavy rain.

   And now it's spring on the calendar as well as in the park - March 20.

   Hopedale Street - March 30.

   Checking the dam at Spindleville Pond - March 30.

   The fire department pumping out a cellar - March 30.

Hopedale in March 2010

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