Draper Field - April 1. Click on the picture for more on Draper Field.

   Forsythia - April 2

   The Wilmarth stone at
Hopedale Village Cemetery. Click on the picture for more on the Wilmarths and the Water Cure House.

   Cemetery Street - April 2

   Ellen Fettig celebrated her 100th birthday at a party at Dr. Janko's dental office. Shown with Ellen are Connie, Judy and Geri of Dr. Janko's staff. Click on the picture for more.

   Hopedale Pond - April 5.

   Dutcher Street - April 11

   April 12 - Now there are two swans on the pond.

   Yes, I know. Too many pond pictures. I'll see if I can find anything else during the rest of the month.

   Tim Cox replied to the statement above: "
Dan: You can NEVER have too many pictures of the pond!" And Lee Stearns writes, "And do continue the pond pictures-the pond has meant so much to residents."

   What??? More of the pond? Yes, with an overwhelming 2 - 0 vote in favor, here's more pond. But why so much mud? Didn't we have a flood around here just a week ago?

   And yet another pond picture - canoe under the bridge - April 14.

   I hadn't seen any raccoons around the yard for a few years, but this one dropped by tonight (April 14), perhaps to visit the cats.

   Fire at the Hopedale Country Club,on the night of April 18. Photo from the WMRC website, taken by Tony Ryon. Click on the picture for more at the WMRC site.

Click here to go to photos of the site on April 19.
Click here to go to Now and Then at the Country Club.

   The remains of the Country Club, April 19. When I said I'd try to find something other that Hopedale Pond pictures to put here, this is hardly what I had in mind.

   April 19 - Kimball Sand Company trucks have been making lots of trips today, carting away the big dirt pile near FitzGerald Drive.

Hopedale in April 2010

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The "Other Drapers"

         April 15 Hopedale Story -
Animals of the Area  

Hopedale in April 2009  

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