Little flowers - big sign.

   The Hopedale Country Club, open after last month's fire. Click on the picture for a few more.

   Hopedale Pond - May 5

   Highway barn, The Little White Market, etc.

   May 5 - a beautiful evening to sit by the pond and play a guitar.

Ice cream castles in the air.

  Fisherman's Island - 
My parents anniversary was the same as my aunt and uncle's - August 1. Every year we'd celebrate with a picnic in the Parklands. There would be about seven or eight adults and a dozen or so children. My father would pick different places for the picnic. I remember one being at Maroney's Grove, and one year my father borrowed a rowboat and we had our celebration at Fisherman's Island. Muriel (Henry) Tinkham, 2006 Click here for Muriel's story of growing up on a farm on Dutcher Street at the edge of the Parklands.

   Lady slippers in the Parklands - May 9.
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   An awful sight? Evidently many people think so, since drying clothes outside is said to be banned for fifty million households in the US.
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   Town Park - May 11.

   These little groundhogs live right next to my garden. They're getting a lot more asparagus and lettuce out of it than I am.

   Workin' on the railroad - May 18.

   Was Lake Street once paved with cobblestones? That appears to be the case, as shown in the pictures above, taken in two of the places where the asphalt has worn away. It's also one of several streets in town where you can still get a glimpse of the fieldstone curbs.

   Swimming without lifeguard present  - May 27.

   Fires in Canada have resulted in a hazy sky and colorful sunsets - Hopedale Pond -  May 31.

Hopedale in May 2010

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