The island in Hopedale Pond near Lake Street. It's not actually an island right now - July 2.

   Town Hall, July 2. Click on the picture  to read more about it.

   Police station and
Harrison Block.

   Gas pipes being replaced in the Soward, Progress, Lake streets area.

  Draper buildings near Freedom Street - July 2.

   Remember the groundhog picture on the Hopedale in May page? They still poke their heads out and wander around the yard now and then. - July 3.

   A few hours after I took the picture of the groundhog, this toad was hopping around in the front yard.

   What does this look like to you, a pond half empty or a pond half full?

   Spindleville Pond on the Fourth of July. Seems about normal level for this time of year.

   Fire at the Lovejoy home, 17 Park Street - July 5 - 6.

Posted on FaceBook, July 6.

Hi everyone. My moms house tragically burned down last night. Everyone is safe Thank God! However my mom, my sister, my 9 year old nephew and my 10 month old niece have nothing but the clothes on their backs. If anyone has any clothing, toys, games, etc to get them thru the next few days/weeks please reach out to me. Thank u all so much

Beth Lovejoy King

   The Lovejoy house - July 11.

   By the dam at Freedom Street - July 11.

   Walking by Hopedale Pond on the bridge at Freedom Street does have that effect on some people. Well, okay, I'd better admit that the picture was done by cardboard artist
Mark Langan, who very likely has never seen Hopedale Pond, half empty or half full.

   From left: medical building,
Harrison Block, garages, police station, Unitarian Church, Little White Market, highway barn, town hall, post office, salt shed, Mallard home - July 11.

  Hopedale Country Club, July 20.

   Mill River and Draper shops.

   Mother and son take a break after a busy day - July 20.

   The Country Club - July 26. Since the July 20 photo was taken, an amazing amount of work has been done.

Hopedale in July 2010

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