Hopedale Pond - August 4.

   Band concert - August 4.

   A fire burned a little of the Japanese knotweed (aka - bamboo) betweeen Fitzgerald Drive and the river on August 5. It burns with a lot of snap, crackle and pop, which I suppose is because of the hollow stems.

   The Milford Community Use program at Hopedale Pond - August 10.

   Jack Farrar tends the flowers in the Henry Patrick watering trough in the center of town. Jack said that the trough was originally in front of Patrick's store.
Click here to see a picture of it. It's in the top photo of the Now and Then at Patrick's Store page. I wonder how long it has been since a horse took a drink from it.

   Summer Fun Day at the Bancroft Library - August 11.
Click here to see more of Fun Day on YouTube.

   Hopedale Pond - August 11.

   Playground at the town park - August 13.

   Hopedale Pond - How low can it go? Click on the picture for more of the upper pond on August 14.

   Progress Street - August 16.

   Town Hall - August XVII

   A few new houses are about to go up on Dutcher Street - August 17.

   Moon in the sky - moon in the water - August 19.

   Hopedale Pond - August 19.

   The Country Club - August 20.

   Keeping the greens green - August 20.

   Road race just after the start on Hopedale Street - August 21. Click on the picture for more.

   Hopedale Pond after a few days of rain - August 26.

                        Hopedale in August 2010

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The General Draper Statue  

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Emilio Bacchiocchi  

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