Click here to read about the South Hopedale School.

    Location where the  South Hopedale School stood, until it was razed in
    December 2017. Thanks to Shirley Cahill for telling me that it's down.

    Above is firefighter and EMT Rich Gleason holding my 50-year old wedding ring that he cut off of my 76-year
    old finger. I slipped on the ice a few days ago, which didn't result in any damage other than causing my ring
    finger to swell. The ring was already pretty tight, and the swelling was becoming a bit of a problem, so after a
    couple of days I went to a jewelry store to have it cut and removed. It was the ring-removal guy's day off, so
    they told me that I could return the next day, or go to the fire station. The fire station? I never would have
    thought of that, but I went and Rich took care of it.  That's the ring-cuttng tool in his left hand. Stardust
    Jewelers in Mendon did a great job of putting it back together. You'd never know that it had been cut.

Hopedale in January

Hopedale history ezine for January 1 - Hopedale in 1918 - Part 1   

Mid-January ezine -
Hopedale in 1918, Part 2   

Hopedale in January 2017   

Hopedale in December 2017   


Click here to see memories
of the Town Hall Spa when
Norm Handley owned it.
National Register Nomination

    The building in the foreground was the fire station (called the
    hose house) at the time when the information below was written.
    It was on Hopedale Street, across from Adin Ballou Park. Next to
    it is a Draper shop, and beyond that are several houses that
    were later moved as the Draper business expanded.

    As you can see at the bottom left, this was sent by Day at 17 Danels Street. At that time
    sisters-in-law Lucy and Rachel Day were living there.

    Richard Henry, the recipient of the envelope below, had a farm at 200 Dutcher Street.
    Click here to see memories of the farm written by his sister, Muriel Henry Tinkham.

    Site of the former Italian Club that once stood here on Elmwood
    Avenue. Click here to read about it and also the Bright Oak Club.

    Snow falling on Inman Street - Thursday, January 4. This picture
    was taken at 11:25. Much more to come today. About a foot has
    been predicted. Click here to read Freddie Evers's memories of
    snow plowing in the old days.

    For more pictures of early highway
    department vehicles, click here.

    Pictures above taken on January 5, showing snow that came
    down the day before. The snowman is on Adin Street Park.

Girls just wanna have fun.

At least it's warmer in Hopedale than it is on Mt. Washington.

    January 5 - The little "specks" in
    the pictures are because I took
    them through the windshield.

January 11 - 15.

Brook by the Dutcher Street entrance to the Parklands.

    By one o'clock on the 13th, the temperature had
    dropped from about 60 a few hours earlier, to 30.

                                 January 13

    Above - Inman Street, .looking toward Lower Jones.

    Right - Dutcher Street, looking toward Lower Jones.

    A foot or more of snow disappeared in a few days.

    These two cuttings and more were to me recently, with more to come.
    They are from annual books of  news of manufacturing concerns in
    Massachusetts. The ones being sent are of Hopedale, Milford,
    Mendon and Grafton. Click here to see more.

Click here for photos of the landfill capping job.

    From Paul Butcher -  "They have taken down the rock
    crusher and the old batch plant at Rosenfeld's."

    Along with that message, Paul said, "The picture (to the
    right) is part of the rock crusher."

    I asked Paul if it looked like the plant would be closing.
    His reply: "What they took down was not being used
    any more. They still have the batch plant that was put
    up in the 80's and there seems to be plenty of concrete
    business. Only time will tell."

    Rosenfeld Facebook page - A large number of pictures
    of Rosenfeld trucks and projects.

    Rosenfeld history on this site.   

138 Hopedale Street will be coming down soon.

Hopedale Pond - January 20
January 24
138 Hopedale Street - January 25