The George Albert Draper house, above, (66 Adin Street) was replaced by
    the B. H. B. "Ben" Draper, Jr. house, shown below.

       George Albert and Jessie Preston Draper were the uncle and aunt of Ben.
    The Ben Draper house is described as French Eclectic.

    For the first year or two of her marriage to
    Montgomery Blair, Jr, Edith Draper, daughter of
    Gen. William and Lilla Draper, lived at Blair House
    in Washington, D. C., which was still the Blair
    family home at that time. Here's a bit about Edith.

Click here for more on the Draper/IWW strike of 1913.

Hopedale in May 2018

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Ezine for mid-May -
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Hopedale in May 2017   

Hopedale in April 2018   

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Council on Aging schedule for May.

    For many years, Moroney's Grove in the
    Parklands was a popular spot for picnics.

    In 1981, a group was formed to raise money
    and plant trees along Dutcher Street, Hopedale
    Street, Jones Road, and some other parts of
    town. Here's the story on that.

Origins of hits on this site in the 28 days ending on May 6.

    The town seal in the window of the door at the Draper Room
    in the Town Hall. Click here for a better picture and the story
    of when and how it came to be there.

Mendon 1946 - Welcome home to the vets.

    Water going over Freedom Street and into the Draper plant during the
    1955 flood.. Click here for more photos of the flood, given by Jim Grant.

    Watch your step! Picture from the American Antiquarian
    Society. Thanks to Mike Cyr for letting me know about their
    Hopedale photo collection. Click here to see 13 more.

Hopedale Pond - May 13

    Horse on a treadmill operating an agricultural machine. The caption says
    "hay tedder." It's another Antiquarian Society photo. This one was taken at a
    farm on North Avenue, Mendon. Click here for more AAS photos of Mendon.

    Sign in Kenmore Square. Here's a bit of trivia
    from DJ, sent along with the picture. "Route 20
    is the longest highway in the US, and Kenmore
    Square is 3,365 miles from the Oregon coast."

The Parklands fairy walk. Click here to see more pictures of it.

    American Antiquarian Society photo of Main Street,
    Milford. Click here to see more AAS Milford pictures.

To read about Hopedale veterans, click here.

    There is an exhibit of Ray Andriotti's paintings of
    Hopedale sites and scenes at the Bancroft Library,
    which will be open through the first week of June.
    Prints are for sale.
Thanks for sending this, CeCe.