Above - The intersection of Mill and Greene streets.

    Below - The same location in August 1955. Click here to see more of the flood.

    I was fairly sure that the house in the picture on the right,below, was the Hatt house, but thought I should check to be
    sure. I knew that David Atkinson would have the answer. Here's what he wrote when I asked.

    Yes Dan that is the Hatt house just before being washed away. I am not sure what kind of store they had..I know when
    my mom and dad owned it, it was a store and they sold not only light food to the workers at Westcott's Mill  but
    household stuff like bread and milk.

    Site of first Hopedale High School and first
    Sacred Heart Church. Click here for more.

    The high school cupola was removed in August 2007
    because water was leaking through it and into the
    building. Since that time, as you see below, it's been
    on the ground at the wastewater treatment plant.
    Click here to see photos of the move, plus several
    possible solutions to the problem.

Hopedale in August 2018

More photos will be added during this month.

Hopedale in July 2018              Hopedale in August 2017   

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    Click here to go to the August issue of localtownpages/hopedale, where you can read about Day in
    the Park, Senior Center activities, Bancroft Library news, the Hopedale women's history project,
    Elmer Viens to receive Boston Post cane, Hopedale High girls softball and girls tennis, and more.

    Sacred Heart Church stained glass
    windows. Click here to see all of them.

    Click here to see Milford Daily News and Boston Globe (headline
    above) articles on the proposed project for the Draper property.

    Joe Leoncini died on August 7 at the age of 101. He
    was quite a guy. Click here to read about his life.