Hopedale in November 2020

Hopedale Veterans

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    served in the Civil War (3), Spanish American War (1), World War I (10),
    World War II (39), Korean War (2) and the Vietnam War (4).There are
    also links to lists of veterans, by war served in, on the town site, and
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    Here are the rest of the new words in the
    Merriam-Webster Dictionary for 1920.

Hopedale in November 2020

Hopedale in October

Demolition of the Draper Plant

G&U/Parklands Issue

Ezine for October - The Summer of '67

Ezine for November - Robert Allen Cook  

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    That cloud came and went in a minute or two. It was near the water truck they
    use to spray and keep down at least some of the dust. Click here for Draper
    demolition photos and articles starting in August.

Hopper cars by the Sacred Heart parking lot.

    The new Amazon facility at the
    old bottle factory in Milford.

    Remember punch cards from the good old days of the 1960s? This picture, from
    1966, shows five megabytes of data. It was on 62,500 punched cards, and it took
    four days to load. Thanks for sending it, DJ. Do not fold, spindle or mutilate.

Union Street

    First came the beavers - then the chainsaw.
    This  picture was taken near the beaver dam,

Beaver dam, about 100 yards upstream from the Rustic Bridge.

    This looks almost like it could be in Hopedale these days
    (except for the size of it) and actually it is in Hopedale -   
    Hopedale, Ohio. It's a coal mine shovel.

          Hopedale coal mine               Other Hopedales   

Click here for articles and more photos of this project.

    Since it wasn't possible for the Council on Aging to
    hold its annual Veterans Day breakfast this year. On
    a suggestion by board member Julia Manning, it was
    decided to honor the veterans with these signs on the
    Community House lawn. Thanks to the Council staff
    and Bernie Stock for accomplishing this.

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New Bedford earthquake - November 8, 9 a.m.

    We don't usually see raccoons when we're in the kayak. Maybe it
    was because it was late in the day that this one was out for a drink.
    We followed him for about five minutes as he traveled along the
    riverbank, on the Charles in Medfield.

For more on this,go to communitypreservation.org

    The Highway Department has been vacuuming the leaves
    throughout town every year since 1950. Click here to see
    more Highway Department photos from years ago.

    The Celtic at the Draper Gym, in 1956 or 1957. That's probably Heinsohn in the middle
    of the picture. Click here for more about the two times they played in Hopedale.
For the rest of  this article,
see the
Saltbox Road page.

    The Sneiderman store was on Freedom Street,
    at the Williams and Freedom corner.

    According to a street listing book for 1925, James H. and Grace
    McCauley (spelled that way and not MacCauley, as in the
    paper) lived at 125 Mendon Street. In recent years, that was the
    home of Wendy and Dan Sullivan, until it was razed in 2017 as
    part of the Cumberland Farms project. Thanks very much to
    Toni Maki for sending the clipping.

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