Draper Corporation - Hopedale, Massachusetts

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Aluminum extrusions. Most of these came from Alcoa.

    "Snap" Bradley working on parts for the fly shuttle looms. Fly
    shuttle looms were green. Shuttleless looms were gray.

    Checking hole size with plug gauge. A "go - no go gauge"
    it was called. The machine shown here appears to be
    one that would do several operations automatically.

An inspection room.

    This is a universal jig assembly. Various pieces of it could be put
    together to make a holding fixture for whatever was needed.

    Automatic screw machine. When one bar has been completely
    machined, the device rotates and the next bar goes in.

    Some gear blanks can be seen here
    waiting to have the cogs machined.

    Quality control and inspection gear lab. Worker on left is checking
    outside diameter. Machines outside this area were used to cut the teeth.
    Then some would be brought into the lab to make sure they were right.