Descendants of Adin and Abigail Ballou

                                                                        By Patricia Hatch

    I researched a good deal and found out more about Adin and Abigail's descendants. As you probably
    know, Adin was married to Abigail Sayles first and they had a daughter, Abbie Sayles Ballou. After
    Abigail died, Adin married Lucy Hunt. Adin and Lucy had three children, two who died in childhood,
    and Adin Augustus who died in young adulthood. None of Lucy's children survived, but Lucy raised

    Abbie married her father's student, William S. Heywood, and they led the Hopedale Home School.
    They had one daughter who survived, Lucy Florence Heywood. (Note that Abbie named her daughter
    after her stepmother who raised her.)

    Lucy married John Holden, a lawyer. (In some sources, Lucy is mentioned as L. Florence or simply as
    Florence.)  They had three children in the 1890's:  Heywood, Arthur Ballou, and Constance.  These
    children were Adin and Abigail's great grandchildren. Arthur Ballou died in infancy. Heywood and
    Constance both lived until the early 1970's to approximately 77 (Heywood) and 71 (Constance) years
    of age.

    Abbie went to live with Lucy in New York after William died.

    Unfortunately, it appears that Adin's line with both of his wives died out. Rev. Rich has a subscription
    to, and he helped me with the final piece today...the census documents of 1930 and

    In 1940, Constance lived with her 78-year-old mother Lucy in New Rochelle, NY, where her mother
    and father (Lucy and John) had made their home. Apparently Constance never married. There is no
    occupation listed for Constance.

    Heywood did marry. He married Grace Inez Flannery. In the 1930 census, Heywood was about 36 and
    Grace was about 40 and there were no children listed. (For some reason, we couldn't view the 1940
    census for them.) They lived in New Jersey. Heywood was a realtor.

    So I think, my friends, unless you find out otherwise, it appears that Heywood and Constance were the
    last of Adin's line. I take comfort that the vision of Adin and Lucy and Abigail and Abbie and William
    lives on other ways.

    With warm regards,

    Here are quotes from two primary documents:

    Lucy's info from "Smith College 1875 - 1905 Catalog of Officers, Graduates, and Non-graduates":

    (Lucy is also referred to as L. Florence Heywood Holden (1884) in the same document.)

    "Heywood Lucy Florence b.a. (Mrs. John Holden) 98 Neptune Ave, New Rochelle N. Y.student
    Teachers col; m. 22 N 92; ch. Hey- wood b. 24 D 93, Arthur Ballou b. 16 O 97 d. 30 D 97, Constance b.
    5 D 99; mem.A.C.A."

    This write-up about John Holden appears with a very nice picture in :"Men of Progress," page 256:

    "Holden, John, Lawyer, New York city, is of sterling Connecticut stock, his ancestors on both sides
    having lived in Norwich, Connecticut for many generations. He is a son of Isaac and Esther
    (Stead) Holden, and is ninth in descent from Elder William Brewster.

    After graduating form Bridgeposr High School, he entered Yale College where he won a number of
    literary prizes, and graduated in the class of 1884. Subsequently he took a course at Columbia Law
    School and was admitted to the Bar of New York of 1888. For two years after leaving college he was
    with the Wheeler and Wilson Manufacturing Company, and following this period was engaged in
    newspaper work on the New York Tribune, New York Herald, and San Francisco Examiner. From the
    date of his admission to the Bar, he has practiced law with success in New York city, since about
    1892 in partnership with F. Sturges Allen, a classmate and roommate at Yale.

    Mr. Holden has also been President of the Liberty Cycle Company for the last two years. He is a
    member of the New York Bar Association, the Yale Club of New York, the New Rochelle Yacht Club,
    and many minor clubs and organizations. In politics he is an Independent Democrat. He was married
    November 22, 1892 to Florence Heywood. They have two children: Heywood and Arthur Ballou

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Abbie Ballou Heywood

    When the question of descendants of Adin Ballou came up in 2018, I wrote to Lynn Gordon
    Hughes about it. Her reply is similar to what Patricia wrote above, in that Heywood and
    Constance were the end of the line. Here's what she wrote:

    Hi Dan,
    Here's what I know about Adin's descendants: His granddaughter Lucy Florence
    Heywood married attorney John Holden in 1892. They had two children: Heywood and
    Constance. They lived in New Rochelle, NY.

    Heywood Holden was born in 1894, married Grace Flannery in 1921, and died in 1971.
    No children that I know of.

    Constance Holden was born in 1900. She seems never to have married, and to have
    lived with her parents all her life. She lived until at least 1956, but I haven't found a
    death date.

    I'm pretty sure there are no further descendants after Heywood and Constance Holden.

    - Lynn