Blueberry pie eating contest at Hopedale Town Park - July 25, 1970. Do you recognize anyone? I'll add names if anyone can send any. Email link on homepage.
Milford Daily News photo.

Thanks to Kathi Wright for putting the picture on FaceBook. See the responses below.

Susan Butcher Mulhern

Love the pic wasn't the Chappell Cindy?? Where do you find this stuff?

Coleen Collette

I think it is Cindy, but not sure. This one is from a website that Dan Malloy does. Lots of old pictures and stories the way, thank you for your donation :-)

Sally Fisher Costello
Andy Viens is right in the front. I recognize quite a few other people too.

Coleen Collette

Sally, you're right! I see it now. Go ahead and tag the other ones that you know.

See the picture on Coleen's page, with more identifications.

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