Hopedale Businesses - 1918, 1927

Joseph Demers
    Wagons of All Descriptions
   Built to order on short notice
     Horse shoeing and jobbing
                7-9 Main Street,
          near Hopedale Street
                       H.H. Hart
           Maker of Custom Shoes
               and Unlined Shoes
             for Ladies and Gents
               Made to measure
       Corner Social and Dutcher

  C.F. Roper
         Mfrs. Circulating Pumps
             25 Northrop Street

Josiah T. Gibbs
            Registered Pharmacist
                Pure drugs only,
      Fine Confectioary and Cigars
    Toilet Articles and Fancy Goods
                  Harrison Block

A.A Westcott & Sons   Tel 136
   Cotton, Woolen & Silk Spindles
      Spinning and Twister Flyers,
            Steps, Bolsters, etc.
     Mill St., opp Hopedale Street

               Wm W. Knights
            Insurance - Tel 63-M
        382 West Main, Hopedale

Bowker the Clothier
      Harrison Block, Hopedale Street

             H.L. Patrick
         General Merchandise
    Groceries, Flour and Grain
             Two Stores
       Hopedale, near Draper
          Main, cor. Hopedale

                 T.H. Craddock
            Dealer in Beef, Pork,
   Lamb, Ham, Groceries & flour
      Veg, Fruit, Canned Goods,
              Butter, Eggs, etc.
             34 Dutcher Street

F.C. Townsend
   Contractor, Carpenter & Builder
  8 West Main, near Hopedale Street

          Hopedale Coal & Ice Co.
                 W.H. Barney
           Treasurer and manager
       Coal, Wood, Ice, Hay, Straw
                  and Teaming
                       Tel 26
     Office - Hope Street Extension

    The Legee Garage
               Harvey W. Leggee
  Auto Repairs, Tires & Accessories
                    Tel 484-W

              Frank C. Albee
         Mason and Plasterer
   321 So. Main St. Cor. Warfield

Hopedale House
            Wm H. Cox, manager
         Permanent and transient
           Nicely furnished rooms
                 with steam heat.
      Public telephone pay station
           37 - 41 Dutcher Street

Harold I. Fiske
         Town Hall Building
        60 Hopedale Street
  The material above comes from the Milford-Hopedale directory for 1918. That below is from the directory for 1927.

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          W.L. Corey Garage
Battery Service Station
            Duco System Automobile Painting
             98 Mendon Street          Hopedale

        Phone 1064-R                         Res. 715Y
            James L. Lilley
Automobile and Carriage
43 Forest St.,                  Milford, Mass.
         Mendon St.,                    Hopedale, Mass.
  Hopedale Coal & Ice Company
Coal, Wood, Ice, Hay, and Straw
Teaming, etc.              Kindling Wood
     Telephone your order           Phone 26
              W.H. Barney, Treas.-Mgr
   Hope Cor. Cemetery St., Hopedale, Mass.
          14 So. Bow St., Milford, Mass.
  Established 1869                         Incorporated 1919
Wholesale and retail dealer in
                      Two Stores:
   Hopedale, cor. Hope             Main, cor. Hopedale

           A. A. Westcott & Sons Co.

                     Phone 884-W
Manufacturers of All Kinds of
       Cotton, Woolen and Silk
                  Spinning and Twisters, Etc.

                  SPINDLES A SPECIALTY

Old Spindles Re-Ground and Repaired.
                All work Graranteed to give satisfaction
           Mill St., opp Green St., HOPEDALE, MASS.