Kevin Keating, shown with the cupola that was once on the carriage house behind the
    Ebin Draper Bancroft mansion on Adin Street. Both were razed in the 1940s. Restoration
    of the cupola was Kevin's Eagle Scout project. The picture above and the first two below
    were taken behind the Sparling house on Mendon Street, where much of the work on it
    was done. A few minutes after the photo was taken, the cupola was moved by the
    Highway Department to the Park Department land at the intersection of Adin and Mendon
    streets. The fieldstone base was constructed by Rich Breese, shown in several pictures
    at the bottom of this page. In addition to Rich, Kevin's thanks for assistance with the
    project go to Braun's Express, Gerry Swift of Gerry's Paintland, Long Dimensions, Al and
    Merrily Sparling, Tim Watson of the Hopedale Water Department and Bob Dupont of the
    Hopedale Highway Department. June 27, 2008

A new home for the cupola - June 27, 2008