The above is from Draper, Preston and Allied Family Histories;.

The establishment of the
Hopedale Manufacturing Company was a result of the "Draper family feud."

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    The Clare Draper home was first the home of his uncle
    and aunt, Charles and Frances (Draper) Colburn.
    Memorial School is now on the lot where it was.

    I know that's a pretty bad picture of the lot where
    Memorial School was going to be built, but since the
    caption mentioned it, I thought I should include it.

    I wasn't aware of this family tragedy until I was told about it by Mary Phillips.
    Mary's great-aunt, Annie Phillips, was a maid for the Clare Draper family.
    While the Milford News article doesn't reter to it as a murder-suicide, Mary
    was told by Annie that that was what it was.