Draper Family Reunion - 1999

    In about 1999, one of the Draper women, I've forgotten her name, decided to organize a
    family reunion, to be held during the Thanksgiving weekend. She lived in New York City,
    as did Bill Draper. It was probably Bill who put her in touch with Paul Curran to help
    organize the event at this end. Paul called Elaine Malloy and asked for a suggestion as to
    where they could have lunch on Friday, after their tour around the center of town. Elaine
    said she could make lunch for them and serve it at the library. Paul decided that it was a
    good idea. Elaine was assisted by Judy Brown, Mary Saras and Helen Hammond. After
    lunch, many of the family browsed through the scrapbooks and various Draper items at
    the library.

    Most of the Drapers at the reunion had never visited Hopedale, although two of them had
    grown up here. They were Bill, (in the picture above he is wearing a hat and appears to be
    pointing at one of the kids) and his sister, Lilla Joy Draper Scharnberg. Lilla, wearing
    black gloves, is to his left. Bill and Lilla's parents were Clare and Matilda Draper. Their
    home was where Memorial School is now. General William F. and Lilla Draper were their

    I wish the pictures were better, but they were taken with an early digital camera. It was a
    Sony that saved the pictures on a 3.5 inch floppy.

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