Washington, D.C. – The great tapestried ballroom in the home of Mrs. William F. Draper of Hopedale,
    Mass, and Washington has been turned into a Catholic chapel for the wedding of Miss Margaret
    Preston Draper, her daughter, and Prince Andrea Boncompagni of Rome at noon tomorrow.
    American Beauty roses, white chrysanthemums, and quantities of the rarest ferns carry out the colors
    of Italy in the ballroom and drawing rooms, but the altar- which has been brought in from St. Patrick’s
    Church- before which the bride will stand, will show between a drapery or blanket of white roses 15
    feet long.

    A throne has been erected and draped with cardinal red, from which Cardinal Gibbons will perform
    the marriage ceremony, while a special altar will serve for the Rev. Fr. Russell, who will celebrate a
    low nuptial mass. Especial arrangements have also been made for the large group of prominent
    Catholic clergymen who will lend dignity to the event.

    An organ has also been placed behind a lattice work of flowers in one corner of the ballroom, and will
    furnish the only music for the occasion. Thousands of American Beauty roses and white
    chrysanthemums have been used with green ferns to form the Italian colors, and there will also be
    hundreds of the rarest orchids placed to good advantage in the drawing rooms and dining room.
    The wedding breakfast will be served tomorrow with the cardinal and other churchmen, the Italian
    Ambassador and Countess Macchi de Cellere, the Russian Ambassador and Mme. Bakhmeteff, and
    members of the bridal party at the bride’s table, for which Mrs. Draper’s chef will provide the dainties.
    The guests will be served from the famous gold service presented to Miss Draper’s maternal
    grandmother, while her grandfather, Gen. William Preston of Kentucky was minister to Spain, and
    which was later used in Rome while the late Gen. Draper, the bride’s father, was ambassador to Italy,
    and from which many of the royalty of Europe and notable folk of this and the old world have dined.

    Miss Draper wore tonight at the prenuptial dinner given by her mother, the diamond coronet which
    was presented by Prince Boncompagni as a wedding present. It arrived from Italy by special carrier a
    few days ago, quite unexpected by the bride. With it she wore a rich gown of velvet from the Lyons
    looms of 50 years ago, and the pearl necklace of a single short strand, presented to her by her father
    the year she was presented at court in London.

    Mrs. Draper’s guests at dinner tonight, besides her daughter and Prince Boncompagni, were the
    Italian Ambassador and his wife, the Russian ambassador and his wife, the chief justice of the
    Supreme Court and Mrs. Edward Douglas White, who on Sunday served as proxy god-parents for the
    parents of the bridegroom at the baptism of Miss Draper at St. Patrick’s Church; Fr. Russell, who
    officiated on that occasion; Mr. and Mrs. Louis Curtis of Boston; Mr. and Mrs. Dana Osgood of
    Hopedale, Mass.; Miss Clover, who is to serve as maid of honor; the Misses Blair, who will be maids;
    Mr. Brambilla, the best man for the prince, and others to the number of 30. The Boston Herald,
    October 25, 1916.

    Prince Andrea, Patrician of Rome Coscritto (recog 11 Jan 1934), Kt Hon & Dev of Sov Mil
    Order of Malta, b at Rome, 3 Feb. 1884; d at Montreaux, 10 Dec.1948, m 1stly at Washington,
    25 Oct. 1916 (m anulled 8 Jan. and 25 Jan. 1924), Margaret Preston Draper, b at Boston, 18
    March 1891; m 2ndly at Abbazia, 4 Dec. 1924 Blancheflor de Bildt, of the Barons of Bildt, b at
    Siena, 1 Sept. 1891 d at Rome, 9 June 1972

    Thanks to Peter Metzke of Melbourne, Australia for sending the paragraph above.. Peter also
    sent an interesting page from the New York Times on the current prince and princess.

    News articles on this page were copied from clippings at the Bancroft Memorial Library,

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