The pages above are from Adin Ballou's History of Milford.

The Gaskill Family of Hopedale, Mendon and Milford, Massachusetts

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    When Hopedale separated from Milford, those behind the move
    realized that although they were primarily interested in separating
    the village of Hopedale, they'd need more area than that to comprise
    a town. To do that, they proposed an area that included what had
    long been known as South Milford. Many of the residents of that
    section probably had no particular interest in becoming part of the
    new town. Recruiting Lewis Gaskill to become a selectman was
    likely, in part at least, a way of making South Milford residents feel
    that they weren't being totally neglected.

    Gaskill and Gould stones at Bicknell Cemetery,
    Hartford Avenue East, Mendon.

Portraits of Gaskill girls, Bancroft Memorial Library.