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November 2012

    No's 7 & 8 freight motors are in fact built by the American Locomotive Co (Schenectady, NY) and come
    in many dates and sizes. From looking at a few sites these short ones were firstly built around 1907
    and were known as " steeple cabs," weight 36 1/2 tons and powered by GE motors. Here's a site that
    shows one with " Bush Terminal R/R Co " painted on its side. Sent by Peter Metzke, Melbourne,

    In regard to the photos of G&U locomotives, When Dave Harris and I worked on the tracks
    in the summer of 1959, I had occasion to ride in the two1946 locomotives with the cab in
    the center. As I recall, they had 2- 350 hp engines and were made by GE. The 1948 1000 hp
    GE engine could haul about twice the cars that the older ones could. I remember that one
    day the train was about 24-25 cars long and they had to use both the 1948 and one of the
    1946 engines to pull the load to Grafton.   Kurt Anderson, May 2016