May 1 - On June 1, the price of gas was $3.92.

   The Grafton & Upton - Getting ready to roll again. May 1.

   Apple blossom time - May 7.

   The G&U - May 8 - click on picture for more

   Adin Ballou Park - May 8

   Community House - May 11

  Town election - May 13. With only one contest (library trustee) and no voters at the time, election workers look at a device that assists the visually impaired to vote.

   The new house at the corner of Dutcher and Hope appears to be nearing completion - May 13.

   Hopedale Housing Authority, Griffin-Dennett Apartments - May 15.

   The high school cupola on the grounds of the sewage treatment plant. Will it ever return? Will it ever return? It's fate is still unlearned.

   I saw a couple of lady's slippers in the Parklands on May 17. They looked like they had just opened in the last day or so. There were a few others that appeared ready to open soon. Click on the picture for more wildflowers in Hopedale.

   John Sayewich (on right) and assistant replace front steps of Inman Street house. Well, to be more specific, my house. - May 23.

    Memorial Day - Hopedale Village Cemetery
Click on picture for more Memorial Day photos.

   Preparing for a crime wave to break out in Hopedale? No, the only thing expected to be shot here is a movie.

Hopedale in May

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