I've started off enough months with pictures of Cumberland Farms and the gas price, so for something different, here's a view taken from the beach, looking toward Hopedale and Dutcher streets and the town park. In case you're interested, today's (October 1) gas price was $3.30. (Or $3.29 9/10 for those who like to be more precise.) Before the middle of the month it was below $3.00. By the 20th, $3.61

The Travis-Sawyer house on Hopedale Street, which was heavily damaged by fire last December, was razed on October 3. Click on the picture to see photos of the house during the Holiday House Tour last December.

   The Rustic Bridge. Click on the picture for more of Hopedale Pond in October.

   As part of their 50th reunion, the Hopedale High Class of 1958 visited the Little Red Shop on October 11. As you can see, it's still a long way from being ready for the grand opening, but nevertheless, they found much to look at and stayed quite a while. The bench on the left was a gift from the class to the Red Shop. It was constructed by class member Tony Iacovelli.

   After leaving the Red Shop, the Class of '58 visited the library, and the
Statue of Hope, which, as you can see, was running that day.

   The back of the apartment house on Dutcher Street. It used to be
a boarding house.

   Sunday morning in the park - October 12.

   Town center, from the west - October 13.

   The Friends of Elders Shop in the Town Hall. Click on the picture for more information on the shop.

   The Mill Street bridge - October 14.

   Spindleville Pond - October 14

   Runners at the corner of Hopedale and Freedom streets in a league cross-country meet on October 23.

   Tbe remains of the G&U station - October 23. Click on the picture to see the area on the 28th.

   Hopedale Pond - October 27.  If you haven't had enough of Hopedale Pond in October yet, click on the picture for Even More Hopedale Pond in October.

Hopedale in October 2008

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