Moving the Loom - August 20, 2008

     In the process of setting up a town museum at the Little Red Shop, it was
    decided some time ago to move the hand loom along with the lady who has
    been working at it since about 1951, to a platform at the Freedom Street end
    of the building. The loom is quite heavy so Tom McGovern requested help
    from the Hopedale Highway Department, the Hopedale Fire Department and
    Town Coordinator Gene Phillips. He also brought along Gavin and Tyler from
    his business, nephews Michael and Tyler Coffey, their father, Bill, and Larry
    Macomber. As you can see in some of the pictures, we had more help than
    could fit around the loom. As shown in the photo at the bottom, thanks to all
    the help, the loom is now in its new location.

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       Display Cases Donated by Marshall's Jewelers
                              August 22, 2008
    The three pictures above (and the one at the top of the page) were
    taken by Tom McGovern. Here's Tom's comment on the photos and the

     In the pictures, Alan Ryan and Larry Macomber prepare to move the
    upright glass case [middle picture] as Richard Goldberg disconnects
    the electrical cord on the floor.[bottom] Richard is the owner of the
    family owned Marshall's Jewelers on Central Street in Milford.  
    Marshall's donated 2 of the oval lilac displays and the upright display
    with dual glass doors on either side of the case.  Total value of the
    donation may be worth more than $5000.

      Below - Display cases arrive at the Little Red Shop Museum.

    Shown handling the move of the cases from Marshall's to the Red
    Shop are Tom and Cyndee McGovern (Tom obtained the donation),
    Sue and Daniel Ciaramicoli, Tim Watson, Larry Macomber, Lynn
    Ellis and Alan Ryan.

      Our thanks to Richard Goldberg of Marshalls' for the donation of
    the three cases, with a total value in the thousands of dollars.

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