The center of Hopedale. The year is unknown, but it was after the
town hall was completed in 1887 and before the library and the new Unitarian Church were built in 1898. Click on the picture for building identification.

   Buildings in this picture include the Hopedale Stable (foreground), the
Hose House, Bancroft house and barn, Harrison Block, town hall, Thwing house, George and Hannah Draper house, General Draper house and Warren Dutcher house.

   Buildings in this picture include the old Draper main office, the Chapel Street School,
the Park House (a boarding house), and the Roper house.You can also see Hopedale Street, Social Street, Chapel Street, Dutcher Street and Freedom Street.

   Seen here are the old Draper main office (foreground), other Draper buildings, the Bancroft house and barn, the Hose House, the Harrison Block, the town hall, the George and Hannah Draper house, the General Draper house and the Warren Dutcher house.

Hopedale Center - c. 1890

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