Hopedale Community Centennial Pageant - 1942

    I hate to pick on these people from more that seventy years later, but the clothing is about as far as
    they could get from anything worn by the plain folks of the Community. Here's a paragraph about that.

    The clothes of the men and women were of the simplest, but always neat and clean.  Men wore
    overalls, and the women, calico dresses, aprons and sunbonnets to church.  Flowers in their bonnets
    were forbidden.  When Alonzo Cook brought his bride, who was a school teacher from Blackstone, to
    church, and she wore a silk dress and a bonnet much bedecked with flowers, it was said that they
    feared Alonzo had married a very extravagant woman.  Ida Smith, Hopedale Reminiscences, p. 29.  

    The photos are from the Bancroft Library's Hopedale history collection.

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