Hopedale Coal & Ice Co. icehouse - left

Henry Patrick Co. icehouse - right
The Larches
Williams Street
61 Freedom Street
Corner of Freedom and Dutcher streets.
Back of Roper shop - Northrop Street

                                 Photos of Hopedale Buildings by Edwin Darling

    Since Mr. Darling evidently didn't roam too far with his camera, I think all of these buildings were probably in
    Hopedale, but I can't be sure. Please let me know if you recognize any of those unidentified houses.

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50 Freedom Street

    Above - 64 - 68 Dutcher Street. Number 64, on the left, was the Adin Ballou house. It
    was on the corner of Hopedale and Peace streets, and moved to Dutcher Street in 1900
    when Adin Ballou Park was established on the original home site.

    In the picture below, the building on the right is on the other side of Hopedale Pond
    from the Dutcher Street houses. It was the icehouse of the Hopedale Coal & Ice
    Company. Henry Patrick had an icehouse on the east side of the pond, and that may be  
    the building that can be seen between 68 Dutcher and the Coal & Ice icehouse.

    This photo of 68 Dutcher Street is included because it gives a better view
    of  a horse and wagon at the side of the house, and another at the front.

    Most of Darling's photos were taken in Hopedale, but I don't
    recognize the houses starting with the one just below the 61
    Freedom Street picture, to the one just above this point.