Front row: Judy Nelson, Patty Draper, Betty Jane Clark, Bernard Fitzgerald, Joan Kinsley and Joanne
    Lemon. Second row: Allbert Gray, Henry Stenberg, Glennis Bishop, Lorna Smethurst, Judy Scribner,
    Patty Perry (bride), William Ohlson (groom), Ben Kinsley, Betty Lou Earle, Sally Lawrence, Robert
    Iacovelli and Robert Knox. Third row: Tommy Draper, David Beard, David Miles, William Thayer, Roger
    Robbins and Russell Goff.

                                                    Children Present Colorful
                                                   Entertainment In Hopedale  

    HOPEDALE - A program, both entertaining and colorful, which showed the natural talent of those
    taking part to wonderful advantage, was given yesterday afternoon by a cast of children in the
    Community House before a capacity audience of adults and children. It was the annual children's day
    and the actors proved that if permitted to act naturally very little guidance was needed.  

      Mrs. Hamilton W. Thayer was narrator and in her inimitable style gave interesting descriptions of the
    participants in the Lilliputian wedding and the comic strip characters, as they arrived as guests at the
    wedding. Using a microphone, Mrs. Thayer introduced the various characters, relating amusing
    highlights of each. The dignified manner of each participant and the pretty costumes of the wedding
    party delighted the audience. Miss Hope Lilley played Mendelsshon's wedding march, before the
    wedding and also played softly during the "ceremony." "Vows" were exchanged before a background
    of tall candelabra, with lighted candles and potted ferns on the platform. Donald Seastrom sang,
    "Because," with Miss Lilley as accompanist.  

      The bride, Patricia Perry, wore traditional white satin with long train and veil and her attendants,
    Judith Scribner, Ann Huff, Sally Lawrence, Joan Kinsley, Glennis Bishop, Lorna Smethurst, Joanne
    Lemon, Judith Nelson, Patricia Draper and Betty Lou Earl, were attired in pastel colors, creating a
    lovely picture. William Ohlson was the groom and William Thayer the bride's father. Bernard Fitzgerald
    was ring bearer, David Beard, minister, Roger Robbins, Robert Iacovelli, Russell Goff, David Miles,
    Henry Stenburg, Tommy Draper and Albert Gray were ushers.  

      The dignity of the occasion was shaken somewhat happily by the comic strip characters who
    appeared in costumes of their own choosing. They did a fine job and enjoyed every minute of it, along
    with the audience. They were Jimmy Lovejoy, as Kayo; Helga Rothman as Aggie Mack; Judy Draper,
    Grandma; Joan Harvey, ballet dancer; Patty Skerry, Raggedy Ann; John Hutchinson and David Harvey,
    Mr. O'Malley and clown; Carol Rose, Priscilla; Anne Sadler, Imogene; June Peel, Aggie Mack; Jack
    Drisko, Roy Rogers; Janet Cox, Grandma; Frances Fogan, Gravel Gertie; Jackie Hayes, Sluggo; Anita
    Drisko, Orphan Annie; David Harris and William Beard, Red Rider and Little Beaver; Russell Wade,
    Joe Palooka; Anne Miller, Pug; Sandra Hattersley, Ella Cinders; Marcia Dee, Aunt Jemema; Barbara
    Donald, Little Iodine; Priscilla Knight, Clown; Phillip Roberts, Jiggs, and Cynthia Roberts, Maggie.  

      After the wedding the bride and groom cut the large wedding cake, giving a portion to each member
    of the wedding party. Downstairs, after the program, all the children were treated to Hoodsies and
    cookies. Tea, nuts and cookies were served to the adults, by Mrs. Julian F. Clark and Mrs. Edward M.
    Horton, hostesses and committee, which included Mrs. Clifford Moon, Mrs. Albert Condon, Mrs.
    Freeman Hammond, Mrs. Russell Wade, Mrs. Angelo Ragonese, Mrs. William Ohlson, Mrs.
    Lawrence Peavey, Mrs. Robert Potter, Mrs. Byron Brown, Mrs. Charles Rockwood, Mrs. Edward
    Repass, Mrs. Harold Soderberg, Mrs. Merton Tinkham, Mrs. Linwood Workman, Mrs. George Young,
    Mrs. Edward Damon and Mrs. Frank Tinney. Pourers were Mrs. Paul Grant and Mrs. William Walker.
    Club hostesses were Mrs. Harold Taft and Mrs. Warren Williams.  

      The gymnasium, [The Draper Gym hadn't been built then; this would have been the Community
    House room next to the bowling alley.] where the refreshments were served was decorated in
    keeping with Washington's birthday, with appropriate centerpieces and small tables set with attractive
    floral bouquets.  The committee in charge was President Mrs. Howard Smith, Mrs. George Nichols,
    Mrs. Millard Lovejoy, Mrs. Leonard Lawrence, Mrs. Frank Perry, Mrs. E.F. Lillie, Mrs. William Ohlson,
    Mrs. Luther Bradbury, Mrs. Napier Scribner, Mrs. Ellsworth Sears and Mrs. Arthur Allen. Milford Daily
    News, February 23, 1949

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