The top picture shows a hand loom of the type used before the invention of power looms. It
    wasn't actually used in Hopedale. It was purchased and brought to the Red Shop in 1951 to be
    a part of the display, after the shop had been moved to its present location on Hopedale Street
    and set up as a Draper Musueum. See page 5 for more pictures of this loom.   In the middle is
    an Atwood silk loom. The loom at the bottom is a Kilburn & Lincoln..

      The silk loom was built in 1875 by the Atwood Manufacturing Company in Stonington,
    Connecticut. It was designed for weaving silk taffeta.

      The Kilburn & Lincoln loom was built around 1890 by Kilburn & Lincoln Loom Works of Fall
    River. It was designed to weave fancy cotton goods.
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