The pictures on this page are all of Northrop/Draper looms. (James Northrop, being the principal
    inventor, they were named Northrop looms. Sometimes on this site you'll see them referred to as
    Draper looms and sometimes as Northrop looms.) The one at the top is a 36" A model, the
    middle one is a 36 " K, and the one at the bottom is a 40" C.

    The 36" A was the first Draper automatic loom. Actually, that would make it the first Draper loom of
    any kind. Before that, the Draper companies had produced other types of textile machinery, but not
    looms. The first Northrop looms were sold in 1894. While the card on the loom says it was the
    first Draper loom, I doubt this one was built in the 1890s. There is another little card on it that says
    1932. It may be that they were still building the same model, probably with a few modifications by
    that time.)

    The card on the 36" K says it was built in 1918 for exhibition purposes. It was designed primarily
    to weave rayon.

    The 40" C was built in 1938, also for exhibition purposes. It is an automatic shuttle changing
    loom, (unlike the more common bobbin changing looms) "which many mill men deemed
    necessary to weave first quality synthetic goods."
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