The Trademark Room

      Beginning in 1901, the Draper Company put out a monthly company newsletter called Cotton Chats. The masthead was a picture of a lady
    working at a hand loom with a spinning wheel nearby. When the company moved the Little Red Shop from the west side of Hopedale Pond to its
    present location on Hopedale Street in 1951, it set it up as a company museum. The middle section of the shop was designed to look like the
    scene on the front page of Cotton Chats. The room was referred to as the trademark room. Here's what Drapers had to say on the matter:

      "Cotton Chats" began publication in 1901 and it was soon realized that a proper masthead would have to be designed. In 1907, a scene
    showing a colonial hand loom was set up and reproduced by an artist. This scene became as much a trademark for Draper Corporation as the
    famous "Diamond D." The scene was named "In Days Gone By." It was brought to life again in the Little Red Shop.

      "The old hand loom in this room was used by the family of Jonathan M. Keyes of West Boylston, Massachusetts in 1813. Beautiful fabrics can
    still be woven on it despite its ancient reed having bamboo strips for dents and the plain string heddles. The old spinning wheel and chairs are
    authentic as well."

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