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                                                                    Life in Hopedale, by or about:

    Dana Cutter - From pot scrubber to class president to plaque on the wall at CCHS.

    Mike Cyr - Working in textile mills. Vanilla Coke - Mike's memories of the drug store.

    Virginia Cyr  -  Hopedale reporter for the Milford News.

    Sam Kellogg - Highway, superintendent, police chief, fire chief, selectman, etc., etc.

    Richard Wade - Obituary

    Bill Wright - Memories of Joe Perry and the early days of Aerosmth, etc., and links to more of Bill's

    Gary Wright - A Hopedale Pond fish story.

    World War II - the war years in Hopedale - Memories of Dot Stanas, Muriel (Henry) Tinkham, Liz (Gaskill)
    Demars, Perry and Shirley MacNevin, Phil Roberts, Dave Atkinson, and Dan Malloy.

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