Lowell's Dairy - Route 16 - Mendon, Massachusetts

    Photos from Doug Taylor, Berneta (Lowell) Devries and David Lowell.  Thanks to Paul Doucette for
    saving and sending them.

    Lowell’s Restaurant has been part of Mendon’s history since the early 1900’s. Freeman Lowell started
    things off in 1913, delivering milk by horse and wagon for Geo L. Taft. In 1920, Freeman purchased the
    milk route from Mr. Taft and Lowell’s Dairy was born. In 1932, the Lowells began making their own ice
    cream in a 5 gallon freezer. Success followed quickly. In 1939 a 12 foot section was added to the
    existing building for expansion of the milk and ice cream facilities. In 1943, a soda fountain for
    beverages was added to the front section of the building. Expansion continued as the business grew in
    popularity, and in the 1970s the Hackenson family purchased the location from the Lowells and added
    a full service restaurant. In 1987, the present owners, the Kotsianas family, took over the restaurant and
    began building the loyal following the restaurant enjoys today.

    During the next 17 years the restaurant prospered and became a local institution. But sadly, misfortune
    struck in July of 2004 when a fire broke out and the restaurant was lost. Determined to reopen in
    Mendon, the Kotsianas family searched for an entire year to find the right location so they could rebuild
    what had been lost. In October of 2005, the new “Lowell’s” opened at our current location on Route 140
    in Mendon, on the Mendon/Bellingham town lines. From Lowell's Restaurant website.

Harold "Putt" Lowell

Willow Brook Restaurant, on the site of the former Lowell's Dairy.

Lowell's Restaurant on Cape Road (Route 140), Mendon.

July 16, 2004. Click on the picture to see more.