This picture includes Maureen and Dennis Sullivan, Ronnie and Carol (now
    Pelligrino) Barsanti. Beverly Blizzard, maybe? Do you know any of the others?

    This picture was taken around 1952 or 1953 near Mendon
    Street in Hopedale. The store in the background, now a
    package store, has at various times been the D&R Market,
    Pete's, Ethiers, and, I think, an IGA market. Let me know if you
    can add any more to that. Left to right: Sandra Ruscitti Kimball,
    Dennis Sullivan, Betty Gattozzi, Carol Barsanti Pelligrino,
    Donna Caprini, Charlie "Brother" Gaffney, Susan Pagnini
    (front), Beverly Blizzard (back), and Jimmy Wood. Police Chief
    Tom Malloy is the taller gentleman with the hat and tie. Thanks
    to Carol Pelligrino for the photos.

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