This 1898 map shows the site of a bandstand near the center of town. You can
    see it between the captions "DEPOT ST" AND "TOWN HALL." I've never seen a
    picture of it or mention of it anywhere else but on this map.

    In this photo you can see the first bandstand at the town park. Also
    shown are two icehouses. The large one on the far side of the pond
    belonged to the Hopedale Ice Company, which later became Hopedale
    Coal and Ice. The smaller one belonged to Henry Patrick.

    By the time this picture was taken, the present bandstand
    had been built. Note the horse in the park, evidently being
    used to help build the baseball diamond.        

    The bandstand was constructed 1906 by Dillon Brothers of
    Milford. It was designed in the Craftsman style by Chapman and
    Fraser of Boston. The Hopedale Brass Band was formed the
    year the bandstand was built.

Band concert - August 2007.
May 22, 2008
Hopedale Village Historic District National Register Nomination

The Bandstand

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    Just part of a typical band concert crowd in earlier
    years, this picture was taken in 1952.