Depot Street

    In the top and the fifth from bottom pictures, the Grafton & Upton Railroad station can be seen. Well,
    yes, that's it in the picture with the shovel, or what was left of it after it was razed in the fall of 2008. In
    the upper photo, I think the building on the right was the Home School which operated for a few
    years during the days of the Hopedale Community, Sons of at least two famous abolitionists,
    William Lloyd Garrison and Samuel May, were educated there, as well as the daughter of a
    Nantucket abolitionist family, Lilla Joy, who later marred William F. Draper. I don't know if the smoke
    in the picture was from the shop or the train, (probably the train, though, being that low and in that
    location) but in any event, it must have been a normal part of daily life in Hopedale for many years.

    The house eventually became the American Legion home, and in 1982, after the Legion disbanded,
    it was moved and was added to the Mallard home, behind the post office. The fifth photo shows it
    when it was the Legion Home. That was taken in 1982, and it appears that they were getting ready to
    move it. The second picture shows the World War I honor roll, which was on the little piece of lawn
    on the Depot Street side of the town hall for some years The third picture is of a German mortar in
    the front yard of the Legion Home. (Thanks to Jack Ghiringhelli for sending the photo.). Below it is
    the World War II honor roll that was in the front yard of the Legion Home for many years. Click here
    for a larger version if you'd like to read the names. The building on that location now (see picture
    above the newspaper photo showing the home being moved, on the right) was built by Arthur Young
    as an office, and is now the police station.

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    Satellite view of the center of Hopedale. The three
    canopies on the Community House lawn (top center)
    were there for a benefit event, held on June 19, 2010.

    Depot Street as seen from the top of the steeple at
    the Unitarian Church. November 22, 2010. Click on
    the picture for more views from the steeple.

The area near the bottom of Depot Street - July 11, 2010.

    In this article, Hopper says the honor roll was taken down after about ten years, but it
    seems to me that it was there for much longer than that. The one he refers to in the
    next-to-last paragraph was very likely the one shown in the second picture on this
    page, although that one was for World War I, and was on the lawn beside the town hall.

    The former Legion home, on its Depot Street
    location, is on the left. Photo taken in 2014.

Click here for more on the World War I honor roll.

Click here for more on the World War II honor roll.

Razing the G&U station, October 27, 2008.

Police Station

    Looking down at Depot Street, highway barn and buildings,
    Harrison Block, medical building and Draper area.