The photos above were taken of a parade evidently held
    as part of a Woman's Club fair, probably held in 1953.

Drawing from a proposed plan for the gym.

Hopedale High field hockey team in front of the gym.

    The lot where the gym was built can be seen
    here, about a year before construction began.

    The area where the Draper Gym would be built,
    nearly sixty years after this map was drawn in 1898..

    Thanks to Henry Stenberg (HHS 1958) for the picture above, and to Jack Hayes (HHS
    1959) for passing it on to me. That's Henry on the sidewalk, walking toward the
    camera. The police unit is being led by Chet Sanborn, who became chief in 1964.
    (Click here to see Chet tapping maples at Memorial School.) This picture appears to
    be of the same parade as the one above it with the Little League banner. (Tree on
    left, car on right, some of the spectators.) Jack wrote, "Not positive, but at Chet's right I
    think is George Boyd and on his left is Al Rizzi. I want to say Les McCully is in the
    middle; not sure. They were all sergeants. Click here for Hopedale police photos from
    the 1950s.

    Henry added other identifications. "The young guy in the sweater behind me, with his
    head turned to his right, is Bobby Snowden.

    The man standing near the fence railing who is wearing glasses and is a wee bit
    overweight looks like Lloyd “Fitter” Fitzgerald. He was the Draper personnel manager."