Gerry, working on the bathroom - November 28.

   Work has started on the ramp to the front door. This will now be the main entrance.

   Andy Shusta and Gene Phillips discuss interior window frames - November 28.

  The propane tanks have been delivered. Natural gas may eventually be used for heating the building, but it's not available this winter.

   Originally the crew consited of Andy, Cyril and Dennis. Gerry was added this week, and now here's another addition, Billy. The work is moving right along. The End Is Near!

   Cyril - November 30.

   The clapboards are now all on except for the part of the front where two more windows and the door have to go. The door was delivered a few hours after this picture was taken.

   The front door arrived on November 30, but there was a bit of a problem. Click on the picture for more about it.

Red Shop Renovation Project - Week 12

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