The front doors are on and work continues on the siding toward the end of a very cold day - December 4. If we have a day in the 50s or warmer, I'll take Andy's advice and get a coat of primer on the door. It will probably be white, until it gets the final coat in the spring.

   Hard at work at 15 degrees - December 5.

   The wall guys are here today. (Tom McKeon, center) The finished walls will only be in the bathroom and ramp area. (The ramp, around the bathroom, provides access between the lower south end and the higher north end of the shop.) No wallboard for he rest of the shop. It will retain its original look. - December 5

   Another bit of progress on December 5 was the return of the cupola, after being repaired in New Hampshire. It will go back on  the roof tomorrow.

   And here it is, back in place, almost,  on December 6.

   Once up there, there was a lot more work to do, at 20 degrees, with the wind getting stronger as the day went on. Click on the picture for more of the return of the cupola.

   Working conditions were better inside, where the electricians had a few things to finish.

  December 7.. Dennnis measures...


...and nails the final clapboard in place. That's Cyril on the right.

   Today was the last day on the job for Andy and Cyril. Several months ago we were quite disappointed when we found that we had received only one bid. Now as the project nears completion we feel that we coudn't have ended up with a better company or a better crew to work on it than these guys. Our thanks to them for a job well done.

Red Shop Renovation Project - Week 13

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