All articles were written in 1965.

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    Dan     Great article on Carl Taft. Carl was the youngest of five brothers:  Milliard, George, Earl, Alfred and Carl. I grew
    up with the Tafts like a sixth son. Milliard was three years older than me. George was one year older, Earl was two or
    three years younger, and Al and Carl were four or five years younger. Milliard and  George saw a lot of combat in
    Germany during WWII.  Milliard was wounded a couple of times. Milliard's name does not show up anywhere on the
    vets list in Hopedale. I think his name is confused with Williard Taft from Dutcher Street. I was good  friends with
    Milliard till he died in Florida about 20 years ago, and George 25 years ago in Milford. All five brothers were in the
    service. I never knew what happened to Carl till I got your newsletter today. Dan  THANKS   John (Cembruch) 2012.