Tennis Clinic - 1966

HOPEDALE - The tennis clinic sponsored by the Hopedale Recreation department came to a close Friday.

   The two-week instructional program was received enthusiastically by 108 youngsters who took advantage of the teaching talents of Aram Karoughlanian and Mrs. Toni Scott, pictured above with the 56 boys and 52 girls who improved their tennis playing ability during the clinic.

   The Hopedale Recreation Dept., the Park Commissioners, the children and the townspeople are most grateful to Mr. Karoughlanian and Mrs. Scott for their marvelous work, and to Phil Ozzlla of Ozzella's Dodge for the purchase of the shirts used by the youngsters, and to William Child for his guidance and encouragement to undertake the first clinic.

   The following boys and girls - 10 to 16 - were enrolled in the Tennis Clinic.

   Boys: John Strobeck, Michael Ballou, Larry Heron, Gary Wright, Bill Wright, Bill Reed, John Cox, Jack Hanley, Robert Barrows, Daryl Guglialmi, John DeMeo, Tom Martin, Barry Stewart, Jimmy Barrows, Eric Carlson, David Durgin, Charlie Harris, Billy Stock, Jimmy Bresciani, Jimmy Johnson, Robert Marso, Tyky Small, Andy Viens, Peter Rosati.

   Also Michael Bresciani, Danny Cardone, Steven Lucier, Lee Fisk, David Fisk, Joel Reed, Michael Delmonico, Timmy Cox, Richard Gould, Jack Bacon, Russell Harmon, Roger Burns, Steve Burrill, Michael Gould, Richard Clark, David Dalio, Bruce Bell, Gary Moran, Jack Moran, Alfred Tomassini, Michael Potty.

   Also Nowell Francis, Egene Costanza, John Abbruzzese, James Thibault, Brian Davidson, Joseph Cervassi, Gary Carbone and Michael Corrinet

   Girls: Debbie Norling, Susan Cervassi, Susan Anderson, Susan Miller, Kathy Brennan, Margaret Winslow, Susan Griggs, Lu Ann Bresciani, Laurinda Salqueiro, Ann Johnson, Carolann Young, Nancy Power, Debra Hoffman, Sheila Maher, Melody Strobeck, Diane Allen, Cindy Allen, Patricia Maher, Colleen Cyr, Patty Roleau, Mary Power, Lindy Lucier, Glynnis Berry.

   Also Marie Racine, Susan Weaver, Jo Ann Reed, Susan Cutter, Maryann Pagnini, Elaine Deletti, Patty Neal, Cathy Romano, Patricia Thibault, Cheryl Vendetti, Brenda King, Linda Miller, Judy Hicks, Paula Cugini, Cheryl Strobeck, Beth Wright, Elaine Vignone, Janice Mainville, Cindy Chappell, Kathy Haynes, Sally Fisher, Cindy Hixon, Sandra Loeper, Nancy Howes and Joann Adams.
Milford Daily News, August 1966.

Many of the kids named above aren't in the photo. Evidently the article lists all who participated  in the clinic, but there are fewer than forty in the picture.

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