Thanks to Paul Doucette of Mendon for all of the photos on this page.

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    Shortly after posting this page, I sent a link to it to trolley fan Bob Heglund. Here's what he wrote about it:.

    Some really dramatic shots of winter along the right-of-way. Those were the days when they wound up hand shoveling
    the tracks to get service going again.

    Then I asked if they ever put plows on the trolleys. HIs reply:

    Most trolley lines did have specially built plows, some even had rotary plows to clean up snows. However, when a full
    scale blizzard came along it sometimes was too much for even the plows or rotaries and they had to resort to hiring
    shovelers. Even with a lot of very heavy and modern equipment look how long it took to completely clean up streets
    and highways after the blizzard of ‘78. Every now and then Mother Nature reminds us that she is still in charge.