During World War II, many patrons of the Town Hall Spa (located where the Town Common is
    now) brought photos of family members serving in the armed forces to the Spa, where they were
    displayed on a wall. In the 1990s, the pictures were given to the Bancroft Library, framed and hung
    in a downstairs hallway. There are ten of them, with approximately eighteen photos each. In nine,
    all are identified, but as you can see, in the one above, most are not identified. If you recognize any
    of them, please let me know and the name(s) will be added. Here's a link to my email.

    The ones who have been identified were identified long ago. During World War II, Hopedale was a
    place where it wouldn't be too far from the truth to say everyone knew everyone. So why were some
    left unidentified? My guess is that most of the unidentified weren't from Hopedale. Probably most of
    the people who went into the Spa lived here, but not all.

    Here's an identification sent in April 2015 by David Noferi. The soldier on the top right corner, (in
    photo at top of this page, and enlarged and a much better view in the third picture) standing on a
    sidewalk with a dark uniform was my dad, Guido D. Noferi. This picture was probably taken when
    he was on leave from basic training from Camp Croft in S. Carolina around December, 1943. This
    was just prior to shipping off to Italy as part of the 88th Infantry Div.. BTW, my dad’s sister, Azelia
    Noferi was married to Larry Heron.

    Here's another identification. This one was sent by Mary McAuliffe Crimmins in July 2015. Danny, I
    believe the soldier in the last photo on the page (on the right) is Gilbert Moore . His daughter,
    Elaine , graduated HHS in 1961. She has passed away.   He also had a son, Skip, who lives in TN.  
    I checked with my sister and she believes it to be him also.

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