The above is from Adin Ballou's History of Milford. Several things have prompted me into looking a bit into the life of
    Samuel Walker. The first was the 1888 "birdseye view" of Hopedale. It has a border of pictures of mansions and
    public buildings in Hopedale. The names of the mansion owners were all familiar except for Walker. Ballou's history
    provided the explanation of Walker's wealth. In addition to what's above, I've found that he owned a small mill on the
    Mill River about 100 yards downstream from the bridge that now leads from Thwing Street to the recycling center.
    The mill was later owned by Almon Thwing.

    Another thing of interest to me is that two of the names Ballou wrote of in the 1880s were familiar to me in the
    1950s. They were the Walker's granddaughter, Lucy Day, who was the librarian at the Draper Library during my
    school days, and Rachel Day, wife of the Walker's grandson, Paul Day. She was the head librarian at the Bancroft
    Library  from 1943 to 1953. Lucy and Rachel both wrote histories of the Hopedale schools, which you can read here.

    Sophia Mayhew Walker, daughter of Samuel and Lucy Walker, was the mother of
    Raymond Piper who was killed in 1919 in France when his plane crashed. The panel
    below is from the Walker stone at Pine Grove Cemetery, Milford.

Below - From the Walker stone at Pine Grove Cemetery, Milford.

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